The picos machine

Its election time once again here in the country.  It is the second time where the country uses the picos machine to make the counting fast and easy.  The first time the country uses the picos machine is not that impressive.  It is because some machines are not working and some does not know how to run it.  There was an issue before that the country is not yet ready to use this kind of high technology machine.  The people understand it because it is the first time using it and we will get used to it in the long run.

This year, is the second time to use the picos machine and I thought the country is ready since it is the second time using it.  However, the same problem occurs and some picos machine isn’t working.  Many are disappointed because some did not able to vote on the day of the election.  The malfunctioning of some picos machine does not stop the Election Day to happen.  Some did it manually instead.  Nevertheless, the election was a success and the people are now waiting for the final announcement of the winners.  The picos machine does help to make the counting faster.

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