Thanks to the technology

The cousin is living in the other country.  She felt bad because she can’t go home to be with the family.  Even if she really wanted to be home, she can’t do it for some reasons.  She really wanted to see his father’s wake personally but she can’t.  I felt bad for her because she won’t be seeing her father forever.  However, with the help of the technology we have today, the cousin is able to see her father’s wake and able to talk to her mother, sister and some relatives.  It makes her feel that she is with her family and comforting each other.

In times like this, we appreciate the presence of the technology we have today.  We get to see and talk to our love ones who live in other country.  It eases away the homesickness that we felt.  From my experienced, I am glad that there the latest technology is here.  I am able to talk to my friends who lives and works in other country.  Even though we are miles, oceans, airs apart, still we are able to communicate with each other.  It keeps up the communication strong no matter how far we are with our love ones.  Thanks to the technology.

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