What seems to be the problem?

I am in the middle of writing article to post in my blogs when my beloved laptop suddenly turned off?  I thought I mishit a key that turns my laptop to shuts down.  I am sad because I did not able to save my writings.  I checked immediately if the system did recovered some.  I am glad it did, though I missed some of it.  So, I have to rewrite it again so that I can post it on my blogs.  After what happened, I always save my writings so that when it turns off again, at least it is safe.  Good thing I really did it because after an hour of turning it on, the laptop turns off again. Arghs!

I am so wondering why my beloved laptop acting so strange.  Also, I am worried if there is something wrong in my laptop.  I can’t take it if something is wrong with my laptop because this means one thing, I won’t be able to do my online tasks.  I have asked some friends about the issue of my laptop, and they told me some ways.  I have tried it but still my laptop turns off on its own.  What seems to be the problem with my laptop?  Do you have any idea? I am so worried.  I guess, I have to bring it back to where I bought it since it’s under warranty period.

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