I want one too

Few days ago, the sister gets her new blackberry phone.  I dreamt to have one too but decided not to since I just bought my new Samsung phone.  My mind is fixed, but after seeing the very nice blackberry of the sister, I get jealous and I want to have one too.  Haha!  The sister got her blackberry phone through a plan for two years in one of the leading telecom lines.  The plan was we will get two, one for me and one for her.  But I changed my mind because I do not really need another phone because I have my laptop.  But seeing the blackberry of my sister,  I want one now.

I have talked to my sister about my plan, but she told me that I don’t really need it.  I have to control myself because it is not a need for me.  I guess the sister is right.  I have to refrain myself from having unimportant stuffs.  It is better to save than to spend.  Which I think is very right.  Instead of having another phone, I better save for the rainy days and for the future.  Besides I can borrow the sister’s blackberry anytime though, but I have to let her use my Samsung too.

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