If I could, I would

I was helping the sister cleaning her house few days ago.  I is doing the light stuffs while I was doing the heavy ones.  First thing I did is to get rid of the boxes she stored in the spared room.  I put away the empty boxes that she keeps since the day she got married.  I do not know why she keeps those boxes still.  They have gifts also that are still on the boxes.  Because the boxes will take space inside the drawer, I decided to throw the boxes.  I am glad that the sister agreed to throw unused boxes and the boxes of the remaining gifts.

 I was opening the boxes when I saw a coffee maker.  I did not notice it before when the sister is opening their wedding gifts.  The coffee maker is so cute, and I like to have one for myself.  Looking at the coffee maker made me forgot that I don’t drink coffee because of the shaking reaction.  If only I could drink coffee, I would surely buy coffee maker.  My brother and father is coffee drinker, but it is not enough reason for me to buy coffee maker.   It would be best if I could drink also.  I guess I just have to admire the coffee maker that the sister has.

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