No replacement policy

Last month, my niece and older brother celebrated their birthday.  I wanted to take lots of photos on their special day but did not able to do it because the picture that I took will no longer be saving in my camera.  It says that the memory is full.  I was wondering why it is already full when in fact the photos that were saved are only 125.  I am sad because of what had happened.  I did try to browse the menu of the camera but I can’t see any problem.  I know that there is something wrong and I wanted to go to the store where I bought it for them to check of what is wrong with the camera and the memory card.

Because the camera that I bought is under warranty, I went to the store a week ago where I bought the camera and told them about the problem I’ve encountered.  They check the camera and the memory card as well.  After checking, they told me that the memory card is the problem and told me that they only replace the unit not the item that is freebies.  And it is so happened that the memory card is included in the freebies.  I felt sad because of their no replacement policy when it comes to freebies items.  Guess I have to buy new memory card for me to continue taking pictures.  I hope to buy new memory card soon because my camera is a big help in my blogging career.

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