New microphone for New Year

As usual, the family welcome the Christmas dancing and singing.  We were singing the night.  We did enjoy it even though our microphone is not cooperating.  We have to pull the cord many times so that the microphone will function.  The brother has to fix it so that our singing session would be enjoyable.  It has been a while since the family spend time together singing.  We did not notice that the microphone is not in good condition.  Still we are able to manage it will.  Pulling the cord isn’t bad at all and effortless to do. Haha

Anyways, because of the pulling incident while singing the brother decided to buy new microphone for New Year’s singing session. *wink!  We did enjoy welcoming the New Year singing and dancing.  We are so thankful for the brother for buying new microphone.  Our New Year was a memorable one because it was the first time the two girls are singing with us.  Yes, they do!  I am also surprised for they sing a song from the 80’s and 90’s.  How is that?  I wonder where they learnt how to sing those songs.  I am happy for they are no longer shy.  Good job girls!

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