Loving our new television

After our old television gets busted, we are using the television of the brother since they moved back in the house.  The other brother tried to fix it but did not able to fix it because the part that is broken is a bit expensive.  It is best to buy new one than to fix the old one.  It took me three years to persuade the father to buy new television because to him we do not need new television since we are using the brother’s television.  Partly the father is right.  We do not need it that time.  So I stopped bothering him.

Just recently, I went to the mall to unwind.  I went to the appliance section and look for television because the store has good offer.  Also, it is best to buy now because they give freebies and discount during holiday season.  After getting bit information about the television that I like, I told the father about it.  I used my power to persuade him.  Luckily, the father got interested and told me to go with him the following day.  Oh yes!  The father did buy new television.  It is a bit bigger compared to the old one and I love it.  It feels like I am watching a movie in the cinema because the screen is a bit bigger.

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