Not back to normal yet

After the typhoon Pablo hits the city my internet connection acting very badly.  I am having a hard time connecting to the internet.  It has been a week now and still my connection is not back to normal yet.  I even went to a friend’s house to finish my pending tasks online.  I went to my net provider already and they told me that they are having technical problems after the typhoon.  Although I have lots of patience, it really makes me mad seeing the word “Problem loading page”.  Arghs! I guess I just have to wait until they done fixing the technical problems.

I was talking to a friend and she told me that wired internet connection is better than the non-wired.  After that conversation with her, I am having some thoughts of transferring to another internet connection that to renew my contract.  Even though I like the non-wire because I can bring it with me anytime and anywhere, but the signal fluctuating especially if the weather is not good.  I cannot go to a friend’s house just to use her connection.  Though she doesn’t mind it, I am kinda shy type. Haha!

What do you think is best? Wired or non-wired internet connection?

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