Can’t stand the cold from the A/C

The weather today is getting worse.  It is so hot like summer even on rainy season.  I do not understand the weather today I must say.  I guess it is because of the climate change.  This is the result of abusing the environment and the nature.  We care less of our environment, no one to blame but ourselves because unknowingly we give a little in destroying the nature.  Well, I guess this is the price of the development and the reigning of the technology today.  We win some, we loss some.

Anyways, because of the hot weather, I am thinking of buying A/C to put at home.  But I am having some doubt, after I spent overnight at my sister’s and experiencing the so cold night.  I did not able to sleep well because the cold that comes out from the A/C makes my nerves shakes.  I cannot stand the cold from the A/C to be exact.  That sleepless night at my sister’s made me missed by room at home.  I guess I just have to stick to electric fan for now until I can’t stand the hot weather anymore.

How about you?  Do you have A/C at home?  Do you have the same experienced like mine first time sleeping with A/C on?

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