Should I continue or not?

My internet connection is acting up lately.  Every time I am opening a site, the problem loading this page always appears on my screen.  It makes me angry especially if I have lots of stuffs to do and finished before the cut off time.  The problem loading even a single page irritates me.  The tasks that I finished in just two hours before is now four hours.  argsh!  The reason I decided to transfer to another net provider before was because of the slow connection.  The current provider I have now is my second internet provider.  The connection is good and fast when I started, however, lately it is so slow and sometimes I do not have connection at all.  How bad is that?  I can’t do my job because I do not have net connection and that makes me crazy.

What I have experienced now makes me think of transferring to another internet provider.  However the question is where and what internet provider?  Right now I am using Globe tattoo stick.  And I so like it because I can bring it with me anywhere I go.  So, I am having a hard time in deciding if I have to continue with them or not.

If I were to ask you, should I continue or not?  wink*

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