New battery for the old laptop

After buying new laptop, I hand down the old one to the sister because she needs a laptop to make her do her paper works faster especially in computing grades for her students.  But before giving it to her, I told her that the battery will only lasted for an hour.  If she will bring it at work, make sure to bring the charger for her to continue use it.  I am thinking of buying new battery before but since the sister needs a laptop, I end up buying new one.  I am glad that she agreed that she will be the one buying new battery for the laptop.

However, since the sister is pregnant and she has lots of things to buy before the delivery date, she has to set aside buying the battery.  I felt sad because she cannot bring the laptop at school because she does not want to bring the charger.  haha!  She is not being lazy, just that it makes her tired bringing lots of stuffs at school.  She really needs to use laptop to computer grades faster, so I offered that I will be the one buying the new battery for the old laptop.  It would be my Christmas gift for her.  Good deal, right?  haha!

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