Television rack for the new television

Because our old television cannot be fixed anymore, the father decided to buy a new television this Christmas.  I am doing the window shopping of what would be the best brand, the amount and the size of the television to buy.  Of course, I did asked the father the details about the television that he wants before doing the window shopping.  I have told him already the one that I saw at the mall.  The father indeed trust my taste because he agreed to me after telling him the details about the television that I saw and like at the mall.  While waiting for his single on when to buy, I will grab the chance to look for a new television rack.  Since the television is new, it should be paired with new rack as well.  I am picking rack at stands & mounts and I like it so far.  Though I am not sure of what to buy but I definitely will pick rack at stands and mounts because they have nice rack s there.  It is very unique and it does not consumed big space in the living room.  I am all done with window shopping of television set and rack, I am just waiting for the father’s go signal.  Please please hurry father.  Because I am so excited.  haha!

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