Shutdown on it’s own

I am in the middle of doing my online routine when the laptop shutdown on its own.  I was shocked because I am writing something and I did not save it yet.  I just thought that maybe I accidentally hit the off button since the kids are bugging me while I am blogging.  I just turn the laptop on again and start again what I am doing earlier.  Sad to say I have to start over the article I am writing before it shuts down.  After an hour, the laptop shuts down again.  Oh my goodness!  I think something is wrong with my beloved laptop.  I was in panicked and asked some of my friends who are online.  I know they are not an expert but they know a bit something about computer issues.  They give me some suggestions of what to do and said if the same things occurs, I should bring the unit to the store where I bought it.

Fortunately after after the friend’s suggestion the laptop dis not shuts down again.  I am able to finish the tasks I have to do before the cut-off time.  However, the shutdown problem happens again evening of the same day.  I suspected the kids are playing with it while I am not around.  Of course I am not blaming the kids but myself.  I should have put it inside my closet.  Well, I can’t turn back the time so I guess it is best to bring the laptop to the store where I bought it and have them check it. Besides it is still under warranty.

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