Still on negotiation

After one of our electric gets busted and the other one is not in good condition now, I am thinking of buying new electric to put in the living room.  Every time I am ready to buy one, unexpected expenses always surprised me.  I have to cancel buying electric fan for important reason.  Been in this situation for months already.  We badly needed one to put in the living room especially now that the weather is so hot even at night.  It is like summer in rainy season. If you get what I mean.  haha!  The electric fan is on for almost 24 hours.  One of the reason maybe the other electric fan stops working.

Running three electric in a day makes me think of buying A/C instead.  A bit expensive compared to electric but the electricity consumed is the same as running three electric fan in a day.  I have talked to my father about it and he likes my idea at first.  Well, oldies keep changing their minds. sshhhh!  The yes first time is now it is a no.  The father changed his mind after a week. arghs!  I guess I have to use other strategy to get a YES for an answer.  It will take many tries I can tell.  I will try my very best for a successful negotiation.  whew!

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