Wanted to lose weight

I have tried many ways to lose some weight.  It is not for looking good but also for health purposes.  Though I am not sickly, having extra weight makes me tired fast, I can’t move fast and I do not like looking at myself in front of the mirror.  I have tried the dieting pills, exercises, slimming tea, water diet, less rice and after six diet.  At first it is good but sad to say I am not able to sustain it.  I felt sad and disappointed of myself because I really wanted to lose weight.  To be honest, I have lost patience of doing those things.  I must admit the problem is with me because I did not able to keep up what I am doing.  Although I am determine, I am having some hard time on saying no to those sumptuous foods in front of me.

Even though I have lost my patience, still the eager in me to lose weight is there.  That is why I never give up in looking for ways to lose weight.  I do exercises sometimes, but I am not contented with it.  The progress is very slow for me.  I guess I need to take herbal balance carb blocker to make my dieting program more effective.  Taking carb bocker plus doing the exercises would make my lose weight a success one.

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