My New Phone

As I have mentioned from my earlier post about my plans of buying a new phone, well here it is.  I got a new phone now! Woohoo!  I so love my new phone because of the awesome features plus it is wifi ready.  This phone is my early gift for myself.  I am supposed to buy new phone this Christmas but it happens early because the brother’s phone is broken and asked me if he could have my old one.  I patiently saving money to buy new phone.  And I am so happy because I am able to buy new phone.

This phone is another fruit of my labor.  Since I have worked so hard, I guess it is good to give myself a reward.  A reward that I dreamed and wishing to have. Thanks to blogging for it gives me lots of blessings in life.  Also, thanks to God for the ability and my skills to write.  Though I am not a good writer, still I am thankful for the gift that God has given to me.  I pray that God will give me more blessings in the future, so that I can be a big help to the family.

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One Response to “My New Phone”

  1. Shengkay says:

    waaa…early christmas sis…grabee! sipag mo mag blog as in! ako ito tamad tamadan ang drama…na lang..