For a change

When a special occasion is being celebrate, we usually give presents to someone we love, dear to us and close to us.  It is our way of saying we love and care for them.  One of the common present that we like to give and received are stuffed toys, preferably pretty and beautiful one .  It doesn’t matter if it is a small one or big one.  As for me, I prefer to receive medium or big size stuffed toy because I love to hug them especially at night.  Since Halloween s approaching, why not give an ugly stuffed animals for a change.  It is not that ugly though.  It is still pretty even if the face is not that cute compared to other stuffed toys.  This stuffed toys is so perfect for the Halloween.  It is good to have this kind of stuffed toys to match the pretty and beautiful stuffed toys we have collected.  Besides, the meaning of ugly is cute.  Based from what I have read in a book before.  haha!

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