Seeking my opinion

I am so sleepy and I cannot think of what to write today.  Maybe because I do not have any idea of what to write.  Let just say, I am in the midst of being lazy and empty brain.  It is never easy to find an idea of what to write however, I have to squeeze my little brain.  Poor brain I must say.  whew!  Anyways, while I am thinking of what to write, I am also talking to my friend from the northern part of the country.  Thanks to her because of her I got the idea of what to write her.

My friend (Mona) is asking my opinion because she is torn between two gadgets.  She is thinking of what is the best to buy between ipad and samsung tablet.  I am not that techie so I cannot give her the best advice because I do not know either what is the best among the two.  Though I have heard about these gadgets but I do not have any idea of their features and all.  She wants mu opinion and she wants my support.  Oh gosh,I wish I knew which is which.  Though I gave her the best answer that I could give and I hope it helps.  Whatever it is my friend, follow your heart and read more information about these gadgets.  That will help you and hope you will be able to have any of the two before the year ends.  aja!

If you where to ask, what it the best gadget to buy?

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2 Responses to “Seeking my opinion”

  1. Mona says:

    Awww, hahah .. I’m the subject pala, wink!

  2. Swexie says:

    Choose Samsung. =)