The little driver

Back then, kids are playing with their toy cars using their hands because it is not big enough to ride in it.  But now, there are toy cars that are designed for kids to ride in.  The size of this toy car is big enough for kids to ride and enjoy.  This is what the nephew does the last time we brought him to the wonderland ( play area).  This smart little fella knows how to drive this toy car.  He turns the steering wheel from left to right and push the object using his feet below to keep the toy car going.  Well, this is with my instructions.  He listens well because he does able to keep the car going.  This little driver is enjoying his driving experience indeed.

Then and now, toy cars are developed.  This is through the initiative of gifted people who dig deeper to make an awesome inventions.  The gifted people who uses their talent and ability to make an awesome and one of a kind inventions.  Technology takes place indeed for the people to enjoy and able to managed the pacing changes in the world today.  Even though times really fly so fast, let us not forget to take life slowly and surely.

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