Lapel Microphone

PhotobucketBecause the sister is handling more than 50 students in her classroom, she is using microphone when she is doing the lesson for the students to understand and hears better.  Also, to refrain from shouting because it is not good for her throat.  Laryngitis is the illness that the teacher can get from teaching.   I remember my teacher back then has this illness and undergone throat operation.  So to avoid getting this illness, the sister uses microphone and speaker in her class.  The sister been using microphone and speaker in her classroom for two years now.  However, when the microphone stops working the sister forced to use her voice for a while for the microphone is not fix yet.

The sister is waiting for two months for the microphone to get fixed but still it isn’t.  She is thinking of buying new microphone to use when someone went to their school and offering a lapel microphone with a great deal. Since the sister is thinking of buying  new microphone, she then grabbed the offer.  She is now using this lapel microphone for two weeks now and she is loving it.  I have tried it too and it is really cool.  I wish I am a teacher too. haha!

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One Response to “Lapel Microphone”

  1. lady says:

    i am also using lapel, but later on I am discouraged because according to them its not advisable to use lapel if you are teaching lower graders like preschool, because they are still learning the phonetics.