If I were to sponsor

Here in the village where I live, the homeowners association conducted basketball league during summer and Christmas.  This is to give the youth something to make them busy while on school vacation.  I am a big fan of this league here in the village.  I even asked my a friend to become the sponsor.  I did not say yes back then because I am afraid I cannot be able to support and give what they are expecting from me.  It is not easy to sponsor a team and sponsor one of their major prizes.  But this is back then, now I am ready and willing to sponsor if they would ask me again.  If ever the organizer will ask me, I would like to sponsor the trophies and will order fantasy basketball trophies for the winners.  I am pretty sure that they would love the trophies that I am going to buy because it is of good quality and has the awesome designs and styles.

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