In search for a new cellphone

The cellphone that I am using is one year old.  It was my father who bought it for me after the lost of my one month old cellphone.  I do love my present phone but I feel like buying a new phone this year.  Another gift that I will give for myself for working so hard.  I have talked to my sister about it and I am happy that she did not disagree.  My plans perfect because the brother’s cellphone was busted.  Oh well, the brother is just a little careless.  He forgot that there is little ones at home that always thought it is a toy.

Anyhow since I am planning to buy a new cellphone this year, I am searching of a nice cellphone to buy.  I asked the sister to go with me so that she will help me decide.  I want to buy a phone that has better features compared to the one I am using now.  I prefer a phone that is WiFi ready and has a better camera.  I know that it is easy to find cellphones that has features that I am talking, but still I need the brilliant opinion of the sister.  Hopefully before this month ends, I have my new phone now so that I can give the old one to the brother.

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