Thanks for the visits and the gifts

PhotobucketI have wished and praying that Fairy Hobmother will visit and spread his blessings on my blogs.  That is why I patiently commenting and visiting blogs of those lucky bloggers who have received the wonderful gifts from him.  Yes, Fairy Hobmother is a guy and just like Santa Clause, he is here to grant our wish and will give us the best gift ever.

Anyways, after commenting and visiting Fairy Hobmother finally visited my blogs and is giving me awesome gifts.  It is a dream come true.  Fairy Hobmother made my day after reading his email to me.  I thank God for the answered prayer.  God is really good for He hears my prayers and sent Fairy Hobmother to me.  As of the moment, I am saving money because I am thinking of buying a new phone so that I could give my old phone to my brother.  But I guess, I need not wait for the day till I come up with the exact amount because Fairy Hobmother will give me a paypal gifts.  Fairy Hobmother paypal gifts is the exact amount I need to buy the phone that I want.  Amazing isn’t it?  Soon I will have new phone coming from the generous Fairy Hobmother.   Thanks very much Fairy Hobmother.  May you continue spreading your blessings to everybody.  And more power to you.

So, do you ever wish to receive a gifts from Fairy Hobmother like Amazon voucher, paypal cash or get one of the Top Five Washing Machines?  It is so simple, just leave your comment here and follow him on Twitter.  Simple and easy step that will lead you to make your dreams and wishes come true.

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9 Responses to “Thanks for the visits and the gifts”

  1. Hyanne says:

    Wow sis congratulations, finally fairy hob mother landed on your blog. ^_^

    I wonder if he has a time to visit my blog…

  2. joy says:

    congrats mommy! That’s amazing! I wish Fairy Hobmother will grant my wish as well someday. Patiently waiting here as well.

  3. Lucky you!!! I wonder when he going to visit my blog too since I will love to own washing machine so I do not need to go down to do my laundry…

  4. lanie says:

    Wow congrats genny, i wish Fairy Hobmother will visit and spread his blessing on my blog too!

  5. lanie says:

    Fairy Hobmother pls. visit and share your blessing on my only blog Wifey Online Diary thanks..

  6. Mona says:

    Wow, really happy for you .. Fairy Hobmother is really generous, I hope he will visit my blogs as well 🙂

    Waiting for you 🙂

  7. Lalaine says:

    Wow!that’s amazing!..My Hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary next week, I hope we could get a gift from Fairy hobmother too!!

  8. jheylo says:

    congratulation 😉 hope she’l come visit me too

  9. I so envy with you Gen. You’re very lucky indeed. I wish the famous fairy hobmother will find his way on my blog. I would be the happiest mom if the fairy visits me one day.

    email me @