Not responding problem

I do not have any idea why my browser always says the Page is Not Responding.  It took minutes before it continue running.  I have done cleaning the disk space and defragmenting the hard drive.  Still it is not responding especially if I opens more than five tab.  I do not have this problem then.  It just started when I updated the Firefox.  I guess the FF has this problem.  I so wish to go back to the old version because I do not have problems in loading the browser.  It is time-consuming because sometimes I do need to restart the computer because it is not responding.

I have deleted some files in my documents already and transferred some photos.  I do hope by doing this the loading of the browser improves.  If the issue is my loaded files.  If not, well I have to get use to this new FF version.  Maybe it will improve as the days go by.  As of tonight, the not responding issue happens less than five times.  Better compared to the past days.  I can see improvements so to speak.  I hope it will continue because this issue irritates me sometimes especially if I am in a hurry.

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