Nebulizer is a must

Every time the nephew attacked by asthma, the father always borrowed nebulizer from neighbors.  We started borrowing since the second daughter of my brother.  But the niece outgrown it and luckily asthma is not attacking her.  Though pediatrician told us that there is a possibility that the niece will outgrow this illness.  Luckily she did and we are happy about it.  However, the nephew has asthma also.  We detected it when the nephew is six months old.  Sometimes we brought him to the clinic when he has difficulty in breathing.  Same as what the pediatrician told, hopefully the nephew will outgrown it.

Unfortunately, the nephew is again visited by asthma two days ago.  The father borrowed again the nebulizer from neighbor.  We have done it many times and the father thought that nebulizer in the house is a must.  We do not have any plans of buying one but keep borrowing from the neighbor is so hassle.  Good thing that every time the nephew attacked by asthma, the neighbor’s son isn’t.  It would be easy if we have our  own nebulizer to use because we no longer borrow from neighbor and will not bring the nephew to the clinic every time he is having a hard time in breathing int he middle of the night.  Since we are thinking of buying a nebulizer, I thought of doing search of the good quality and affordable in our pocket.

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