Needs to familiarize everything

Back when I was in search for job after my college graduation, I was hired to work in the hardware.  Since I need to have some experience if I were to apply in a good company, I grab the opportunity for experience purposes.  I was assigned as one of their office staffs.  There I realized that office job is not that easy.  I have to familiarize each items and goods that the store is selling.  It was kinda hard job for me because I do not have idea about the looks and styles of different hardware materials.  I have to know the sizes of nails, screws, linear bearings, saw, hammer and a lot more. It is pretty interesting for me because hardware stuffs is best known for men.  So familiarizing and knowing it all is an advantage for a girl like me.  Unfortunately, I quit the job after a month because I got a job that offers higher salary.  It was a great experience for me.  Every time I passed by a hardware store, I always remember my first ever job.

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