Clean Disk and Defragmenting

My old desktop before was very slow in loading a single file.  Maybe because it is a bit old and loaded of files in the document.  I was having some hard time every time I open new browser because take takes minutes before it opens.  I sometimes losing my patience to the point of hitting the monitor.  I even thought of throwing it outside the window.  Good thing I did not get to that scenario or else my father will kill me.  haha!  Luckily I meet someone online and knows a lot about computer stuffs.  I shared to him the problems I have with my old desktop.  I was told that I need a new one but that time I do not have the money to buy new one.  For the mean time I will settle for the old desktop.

Anyways, he told me about the simple way to improve the loading of my computer.  He told me to try cleaning the disk space and defragmenting of hard drive.  It does helps in a way because the loading is not that slow but I have to do it like thrice a week or more.  I know I am complaining again, and I am so harsh for my old desktop that time but it really kills me waiting for a single browser to load.  I lost patience sometimes and I am guilty of that.  If my desktop could talk, desktop would probably tell me ‘give me a break‘.  lol  Well, the agony lasted for a year and I am glad it is all over because I got my first ever laptop.  And thanks to blogging.

I still do clean disk space and defragmenting from time to time because it is important to free some space in our hard drive.  Haven’t tried it yet?  Well, you can go to Start –> Control Panel —> System and Security —> Administrative Tools.   Under Administrative tools, select the free up disk space and then defragmenting after.  Hope these helps.

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