A dream come true

My friend and I started blogging two years ago.  Never in our dreams that we come this far, though we are aiming to make our way in online earning.  We work very hard to make it this far and we are happy to see our achievements.  We are still here and happy to grab the opportunity that blogging gives to us.  We started with only one blog and now we have more than one.  Still blogging and pretty sure will be doing this longer.  I remember back then, we are using our old computer.  Very slow in loading but our patience made us this far.

Our hard work was worth it because we have bought things that we didn’t think we can.  Indeed there is money in blogging and we are enjoying it now.  Anyways, our dream to have laptop of our own come true.  I bought my first ever laptop from the money I earned through blogging.  And few days ago, my friend told me that soon she will be having her own laptop. woohoo!  This is it!  We can blog anywhere, anytime and any day.  Having own laptop is an advantage because we can bring it anywhere we go not like the old desktop we are using.  Good luck to us my friend and more blessings in blogging.

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  1. Ma Belle says:

    nice posts…inspiring…