No. 1 requirement: Head phone

After hearing about transcription job online, I was so intrigued of how it works.  I have talked to a friend who invited by her friend to do such job online and she told me that it is a nice job online.  No pressure and no one will give you deadline unless you accept any job that they offered.  It is like you’re the boss of yourself.  Aside from it is a home based job, it is challenging because you will transcribe conversations of other people.  I say challenging because you need to listen very carefully of their conversation for better transcription.  Also, it pays well after the job well done.  Challenging and interesting, right?

I did try to apply for this interesting job online few weeks ago.  I was lucky to be accepted.  I am so excited and at the same time scared because I do not have any experience at all.  I am excited because this is my first time to do it  and I want to know if I am able to do this job well.  I received files to be transcribed but I didn’t accept it yet because I do not have  head phone yet.  Their number one requirement to become their transcriber.  I have to buy soon for me to start working with them and hopefully earning doing it.  Good luck to me.

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  1. Mona says:

    Oi ano yan share hahah ..