To protect cables and cords at home

Kids are very much curious about things they saw.  I can tell it so because my nephews are like that.  Every time they saw paper, cable, cords and tiny things on the floor, they are so curious to know what it is.  It is fine they play other things but not the cable and cords.  It is very dangerous for the kids because they always bite to tear or open what they saw to know what is inside.  I am so worried thinking of the electrocuted incidents.  I do not want this to happen to my nephews that is why I told my brother to buy wire cover to protect the cables and cords we have at home.  If our cables and cords are fully covered, I am sure that the kids are safe from being electrocuted.  And also, this wire cover will protect the cables and cords from rats who like to bite wires.

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