Nex time wireless mouse

I have mentioned in my older post about my old mouse.  It is not compatible to my new bought laptop.  Every time I opened my laptop, I have to restart it so that the mouse will function.  Not that hassle but I am sick of doing it over and over.  I am thinking of buying new mouse.  I have talked to a friend and she told me that it is nice to buy wireless mouse.  From the wordless wireless, it is truly a nice mouse to have.  Also, a friend told me about the price of the wireless mouse.  I was shocked really, because the price is a bit high compared to my old mouse.  It is really true that if you want something nice, you have to spend more.

I went to the department store and computer store already.  I do the window shopping first before buying.  My goodness! My friend is right, the amount is high.  I do not have extra to buy expensive one as of the moment because I have to buy something special for myself.  I guess I have to say next time wireless mouse for now because you are not my priority.  I think I have to settle with this old mouse and have some patience in restarting my laptop when I open it.

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