New shoes to wear

Among my personal things, I do not spend much on buying shoes for the reason that I seldom go out.  Most of the time  I am stay at home and look after the kids.  One day, while I was cleaning my stuffs, I noticed that I do not have rubber shoes.  It has been a while since the last time I bought one for me.  That was before when I used to do the walking in the morning.  I stopped doing it because my partner who is my sister is married and busy with her own family.  I only have three women shoes on my shoe rack, and I thought to have new rubber shoes to wear if I feel like walking or jogging in our village.  I have to search online about wholesale shoes since shopping and buying online is very easy today.  I do not have to go out and spend time at the mall looking for shoes to buy.  It is very tiring I guess.  I just have to sit down, open my laptop and searching online.  Less tiring and less hassle.

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