The sister is complaning

Few months ago after buying new laptop, I gave my old one to my sister because she needs it to make her job easy.  She is a teacher and there are lots of paper works to be done.  Before she is fine by just writing it, however, every year their paper works are double and it is best if she has laptop or computer to make her job fast and easy.  I feel her needs that is why I decided to buy a new one and hand over to her my old laptop.  It is not that old though because the laptop is just two years old.

After a month of using it, the sister is complaining because the built-in fan is making a noise. arghs!  I guess the dust inside is thick and it needs some cleaning.  Another expenses I guess.  Though the noise will stops when you tap the fan area, but I think it is not good to do it all the time.  Tapping it might cause damage inside that will create another problem.  Since the problem is just the fan, I am thinking of bringing it to the technician to have it clean.  The sister said she cannot concentrate working because of the noisy fan.  I know the feeling because I already experienced it before.  I promised to my sister to bring the laptop to the technician sooner this month.

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