It made her paper works easy

Last month I bought a new laptop.  A bit expensive gift for myself from working so hard.  I do not have any plans of buying a new laptop but when the sister told me that she needs a laptop to use at school for it will make he paper works easy.  The sister is a teacher, so expect loads of paper works like recording of results in every school activities of the kids, quizzes, assignments, projects and a lot more.  The sister is having some hard time when she is computing grades.  It would be best if she has computer or a laptop to use because she just click and drag.  Computation of grades will be as easy like 1-2-3.

Her co-teachers do have their own laptop that they are using in doing their paper works.  Their hands are not tired holding pen and hitting the keys on the calculator to get the scores and grades of the students.  I do want to help the sister lessen her paper job that is why I gave to her my old laptop.  It is not that old though because my other laptop is just one year and nine months old.  The sister is now using the laptop I gave to her.  I am happy that the laptop I gave to her helps her a lot in her paper works.  She just place the formula in computing grades, put the figures and she got the result.  So easy and fast.

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One Response to “It made her paper works easy”

  1. Pinx says:

    When I taught in 2005, I was one of the five teachers who brought with them their laptops… hehehe… and my students would always tell me that I am rich because I have my own laptop..hahaha! But now, all teachers have their own laptops and bring them to school. It’s really a big help.