Not compatible

Few weeks ago, I have posted here my new bought laptop.  The gift I give to myself after working so hard.  Also, the laptop that I bought is a sort of the fruit of my labor.  I enjoyed the days using my new laptop.  However, there is a little problem that I need to solve soon.  The newly bought laptop did not match my old mouse.  Both are not compatible I must say.  Though the mouse will function after restarting the laptop.  Even though I have lots of patience but restarting over and over again is not a good idea, right?

Since the two are not compatible, I guess I need to buy new mouse for the new laptop.  Oh gosh! I think the new laptop needs a new partner as well.  I also need to buy new mouse pad because the nephew tear it apart.  Lots of expenses I can tell and these will breaks my wallet.  I am sad thinking about replacing my two years old mouse.  But I need to replace it for the laptop needs a new partner. haha!  Anyways, I need to save money for me to buy new mouse and mouse pad to match to my new laptop.  Expenses from another expenses, but I am happy about it.

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One Response to “Not compatible”

  1. Pinx says:

    ayaw na lang pag mouse oi… para maanad ka sa tap and touch… char! hehehe