Playbook is my next target

I know I promised not to buy another gadget after I bought my new laptop.  But then again I just can’t help those tempting gadgets.  Geeezzzz… How can I not want those tempting gadgets in the market?  I know gadgets are expensive that is why not all are have the chance to own it.  I am one of those person who can’t afford to have more than three gadgets, however, I can do something if I want to have a new gadget to add in my collections.  Like saving money until I come up with the exact amount I need.  And for my next target to have, is the playbook.  It is a nice gadget to have because it is very much entertaining and not too heavy compared to laptop or netbook.  But first I have to do know the price of playbook for me to know the amount and of what brand I am going to buy.  Knowing the amount it best to do for me to know how much I am going to save to buy a playbook.

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