An end to every storm…

When the pain seems unbearable and feels like you cannot take it anymore.  When you seem so helpless and think that life is meaningless.  Do not quit for God is testing you on how far can you go.  Sometimes everything is so dark that no matter you try to open our eyes you cannot find the light.  We ever think to give up and for you cannot find the reason to keep the fight.  Think of God and you will see the many reasons to live and fight.

When everything in you seems so down and low, and cannot find the release for our strength is weaken by the trials that we are battling.  Find the energy within us and think for a better life after winning the fight.  Challenges do make you feel you want to explode.  You just got to hold on for in the end there is an end to every storm.  A bright tomorrow awaits you when you are able to fight all these.  A sweet victory for you to taste and you will appreciate the meaning and beauty of life.  After all, life is a journey to eternity.  So cheer up and face the world with a big smile and embrace the things that makes us weak.

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