My poor mouse pad


This mouse pad is four years old.  I take good care of this mouse pad because it is my younger brother who gave it to me.  One of his gift to me back when he was still working.   This mouse pad does look nice back then until the powerful hands of my nephew murdered my mouse pad.  arghs!  My two years old nephew always beside me every time I open my computer.  U can tell that he is so curious of what I am doing and of my stuffs.  His curiosity arises because I always say no.  Indeed kids do have eagerness to try things when we say no to them.

One time while I was at the kitchen to get some water, the nephew took my place.  He secretly get my mouse pad and hide himself.  I was looking for him to ask him where is the mouse pad.  I saw him hiding in his parents room and tearing my mouse pad.  I was like OMG!  My poor mouse pad murdered by my nephew. lol  I almost gets mad at him but I am thinking it is good that he only ruined my mouse pad not my computer or my mouse which are more expensive compared to mouse pad.  By the look of my mouse pad, I guess I have to buy a new one.

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