My new laptop

I have mentioned many times here that  I am planning to buy new laptop for my career.  Yes, I am considering blogging as my career because I am doing it full-time, dedicated on it and loving it.  As they say, if you love what you do then that is the career you want to pursue.  I am pursuing my career as a writer.  OMG!  Not that I am a good writer though.  I just thought that if you love to write and express what you think and ideas through writing then you are a writer.  haha!

Anyways, the image I share here is the photo of my newly purchased laptop.  I so much love my new partner and companion everyday.  This would be my partner wherever I go.  Simple and cute like me.  Isn’t it?  Well, I love my own.  So there!  My old laptop is under my sister’s care.  I am glad she accepted it.  I hope that my old laptop would help her a lot and will be of service to her for longer period.  I will be missing my old laptop because I got my old laptop from my earning in blogging.  It has so many memories but sad to say I have to wave goodbye.  I will be seeing you under my sister’s care.

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2 Responses to “My new laptop”

  1. Pinx says:

    congrats on your new buddy gen! ako, dugay pa ko kapalit ug bago. poor me…

  2. Mona says:

    Congrats again genny girl, ako tiis muna dito =)