To buy or not

Right now I am in the middle of weighing things if I will to buy or not a new bag for my laptop.  I have asked myself many times already and still I not deciding yet.  I wanted to buy a backpack for my laptop because I think it is very comfortable to carry especially if I am traveling.  I am going to travel a week from now and of course I will bring my laptop with me so that I can still do my online stuffs.  I am not having a 100% rest though because I will still do blogging even if I am on a vacation.  This is the reason I am so eager to buy new bag for my laptop.

I already told my sister about it.  Sad to say she did not agree to my plans.  To her is not really important because I can still use my current laptop bag.  And I guess she is right.  It is not good to spend not so important things today especially times are really hard.  The sister has a point that is why up to now I have not deciding yet if I were to buy or not.  Funny but I am still confused.  I am like a little girl who wants to eat her favorite candy but I cannot because I still have candy in my pocket.

As much as possible I do not want to regret any of my decisions to make.  So, if I were to ask you, should I buy new laptop bag or not?

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One Response to “To buy or not”

  1. Pinx says:

    if you still have a laptop bag, then don’t buy a new one. like what you’ve said, it’s not necessary.