Batteries are always exhausted

When I bought my digital camera, I am so glad that it has free batteries and charger.  It is a good deal because the camera has 15% discounts plus it has batteries, charger and a bag.  It is so perfect because the store where I bought my camera is on sale.  I am about to take picture of the kids playing at the mall, it says battery exhausted.  What? How come? I just bought it.  arghs!  I do not have any choice but to put it inside my bag.  The attendant told me that it will take 6-8 hours for the batteries to get full. And said that I will know when it is full because the light from the charger will turn green.  While waiting, I noticed that it has charged for 11 hours already and the light color is still red.

I thought it has factory defect, so I went to the store the following morning and asked for the replacement.  I am glad they did gave me new batteries and charger.  Told me to not use the batteries yet.  I have to charge it for 8 hours and wait till the light turns green.  Unfortunately it didn’t happen.  I put the batteries in the camera.  After an hour, it says batteries exhausted.  Not again!  I then realized that the reason they gave it for me because the batteries and charger are low-class.  If I were to ask for a replacement, I think they will give me the same brand.  Sad to say, I guess I need to buy batteries of good quality.  The battery that is for digital camera.  The batteries that will last for at least two days.

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One Response to “Batteries are always exhausted”

  1. double AA gurl, or it has its own battery?