Twice in a row

Two days ago at exactly nine in the morning, I am all set to start my online stuffs when suddenly internet connection was disconnected.  I just thought it is because of bad weather.  I waited minutes then restart again.  After clicking the connect button, a prompt pop ups and says, my internet connection was terminated.  What?  How could that be?  I paid on time. arghs!  My day was messed up!  I have lots of things to do and I do not have internet connection.  Even if I do not have any plans of going out, I hurriedly fixed myself and went to the office of my internet provider.  I complain about the status of my internet connection.  The same thing I did when they cut-off my internet connection a month ago.  This month is actually the second time that they terminated my connection without prior noticed.

I paid on time and their service is not that good.  I felt like I want to explode but I have to be calm.  I am thinking of transferring to another internet provider but I cannot because I am under three years contract.  sigh!  The reason I cannot just ask them to disconnect it permanently.  This is twice in a row and I hope no more termination case after this.  I don’t think I can be calm if it happens three times.  Anyways, my internet connection got fixed at four in the afternoon.  Seven hours of no connection at all is killing me.  I really hope no more issues like this in the near future.

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