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I keep on mentioning here that my next project this year is to buy my own digital camera.  I am patiently waiting for the perfect time to buy digital camera.  I am eager to buy my own camera when I created a new travel and food blogs.  I think having an own camera when doing blogging is a must.  Because there are instances that we have to support through pictures what we are trying to say and what we are trying to share.  And also, it is added more attraction to every post if we put some photos.  Readers and visitors would love to see photos to some of our post.  I myself to like to watch a photos every time I am doing blog hopping.

Without further ado, I want to show to the world (haha!) my new gadget.  It is my digital camera name “kikay“.  I named my digital camera “kikay” because to me it is like a girly thing.  Kikay is the new friend of Vive ( my laptop), and Ai2 ( my cellphone).  They are my three gadgets that I bought since I started blogging.   Wow! This is how far blogging brought me.  I am looking forward for the next gadget that blogging will give me.  Nyay! I am so eager to do blogging more often.

P.S.  I got the idea of naming my gadget from Gagay.  Thanks to you badat…muahness!

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