Found my lost bracelet

I have posted in one of my blogs four months ago that my bracelet was lost.  I remembered it clearly that I wore it the night before it was lost.  I always wear it though because it is like a therapeutic bracelet.  Given to me by my sister since most of the time I am facing the computer.  It is a metallic bracelet that also protects me from the radiation that I possibly got from too much exposure to computer screen.  I always look for it since December of last year.  I never gave up looking for it because I am sure that I was lost it inside the house.

Unfortunately, I did not able to find it so I quit looking for it.  I almost forgot that bracelet until last week.  I was sweeping the floor when the I saw a familiar bracelet on the floor.  Oh my god! It is my lost bracelet.  I am surprised seeing it in my own two eyes.  I am happy but at the same time sad.  I am happy because I finally found my lost bracelet after four months and sad because the color has changed and full of tarnish.  I wonder, where did my bracelet went?  Though this is not new to me because I have lost small things here inside the house.  Not only me, also some family members.  We know that we do have other friends here at our own abode.  I just hope that this will be the last time that they will make jokes to us.  I will try my hardest to get rid of the tarnish, if not I guess my bracelet will be part of my past. haha!

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