My new layout

Hello, hello everyone!  No your not lost nor redirected to other blog.  This is me and the old me just having my new layout.  Like it? Love it? Me?  I do very much like my new layout. Woohoo!  I have been waiting weeks for this layout to arrive.  The artist is very busy and has line up of layouts to do.  I have to put more patience because there are lots of clients ahead of me.  Long wait is over and worth it because the artist (co-blogger) and a friend online give to me the details of my new layout early this week.

Ryanne ( the artist), did make a layout of my blogs.  I mean eight layout and one header to be exact.  I so much like her artistic style that is why I keep coming back to her to ask her services.  This would be my last addiction to layout for now because I do not have new blog that needs to be beautify.  Who knows one day if I have the courage again to add another blog. Yay!  Well, I do not have time to add another one.  I out of words and ideas maintaining nine blogs at the same time.

Okey….what can you say of my new layout? Pretty, right? Like me..haha

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