Dismantling my computer table

General cleaning of the house happens when the brother leaves from work.  And today is that day.  He woke up early to starts early and finished early.   Because I am not feeling really well, I opted not to help.  Glad that the brother do understand.  While the brother is cleaning the house, the father does his part by cleaning the storage room.  The storage room was my store years back.  I closed it because the income is so small.  The father wanted me to reopen it again that is why he is cleaning it.  I was in the room when the father called me.  I got up and headed to where he is at.  Only to see that he is going to dismantling my old computer table.  I told him that the brother will fix it one of these days.  However, when the father showed to me the condition of my old computer table, I told him to dismantle it.

The computer table is not in good condition anymore.  It is best if I will buy a new one than to fix the old one.  I felt sad while looking at the father dismantling it because it has sentimental value.  It was my first ever computer table.  My budget for the fixing will be the budget for the new computer table.  A bit higher compared to fix the old one.  It will take some time before I could buy a new one.  I hope I can come up with the exact amount soon.  My priorities has to change.arghs!  Good luck to me.

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3 Responses to “Dismantling my computer table”

  1. Sid says:

    I hope you make that amount soon..all the best

  2. Just look for on sale gurl, you could get a lot of discount for it.

  3. Gagay says:

    ibalik na lage nang imung tindahan gud! sayang! 🙁