What’s the best car stereo?

We hear what you’re saying ‘what’s all the noise about?’, well the fuss is all surrounding the big question so get your Tassimo coupons working, make yourself a drink and enjoy the fast-paced journey of this post!

You’ve got your new car, windows are tinted (or not), alloys are gleaming, body kit shining- but what do you do about the sound system? What’s the best choice? How can I choose?

There really are an unimaginable number of options out there, catering from everyone to the classical music and opera listener to the avid drum and bass user. So which is best?

The hard decision surely starts with the names of some of these toys, and that kicks us off nicely with our first, the Sony XPLOD CDX-GT920U, the new in-dash stereo the new footprint from this electronics giant. The Sony X, (as we shall from here on refer to it), is multi-functional, as you would expect in today’s stage of the 21st Century. It has ‘a front aux input, a rear USB input, three preamp outputs, and the ability to add HD or Satellite radio control modules, which gives you lots of options for expanding the head unit’s functionality. Essentially, the Sony X is customised to attach and operate with a range of electronic devices such as mp3s mp4s and the elusive mp5s as well as the apple product range, thus not limiting itself to the arguably monopolised musical device market.

Next up we have the Eclipse AVN726E DVD/GPS that puts the self-acclaimed multi-functionality of the Sony X to shame with its global positioning system navigation features as well as its exceptionally high quality sound management and production.

The Eclipse makes use of today’s high technology satellites by producing high definition maps and elevated 3D street images for the user, animating the urban city scape and enhancing the navigation experience. This, of course, is simply a bonus and the true part piece of the Eclipse lies in its sound management. Using coupon codes brings this equipment in to many people’s price ranges and something to consider if the systems appeal to you.

Its compatibility with a range of devices make set-up and use very easy despite requiring an additional cable (not included in the start-up pack) in order to connect your apple iPod or iPhone. And with the popularity today of Apple’s personal devices this could prove to be an annoyance for many users!

The Alpine iDA-X350 is our next pick, and by far one of its best and most distinguishing features is its two way controls that allow navigation through the largest of device media libraries in seconds. This feature ensures safety is paramount when driving and of course this is one of the main concerns of authorities and independent bodies today as the use of

technical in-car systems increased and with it the regulation of such devices decreases. More than this it is simple to use, and fails to irritate even the most short-tempered users. It serves its purpose excellently for those who primarily listen to MP3/WMA/ and AAC audio, which I think if you look closely you’ll find, is pretty much all the formats you could want, need, and probably have to throw at the Alpine.

The Pioneer AVIC-Z11OBT is perfect for anyone looking to really push the boat out and simply throw some hard earned cash at the question in hand. But be advised, this money will be far from wasted as it the Pioneer is just that, serving at the absolute vanguard in this industry. At $1500 RRP the voice-tag operated multi-media system with DVD playback, 3D GPS system interface, and full format library functionality offers all the user could ask for short of installing a small cinema in their car. A highly recommended buy and is available using a Crutchfield coupon code.

So it seems that despite the question being rather broad, the answers look relatively simple. Ask yourself what you want from the device, look it up, read reviews, work to a budget and enjoy the high-quality sound systems the technology world has to offer today.

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