Photographer of the day

The long wait is over. haha! Today is the day of the niece recognition day at school.  I am excited because she finished with honors and also do her first dancing performance at school.  I am just so happy to know that the niece is not that shy anymore.  She has develop self-confidence I guess because she is willing to come out in the open and show to the people what she got.  Indeed the niece makes us so proud of her.  And because I am so proud of her, I took the honor to be her photographer of the day.  I wanted to take a photos of her as her remembrance on her first grade at new school.

Though I am not a professional photographer, at least I can tell that I can take a shot fairly well.  In fairness to me, I did took a nice shot of the niece earlier.  And I am proud to be her photographer.  Wanna hire me? haha  Oh well, I give credit to the nice camera that the sister lend me.  Thanks sister as well.


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