Loves to be inside the basin

My one year old nephew is growing so fast and he is becoming a stubborn.  Oh well, babies are like that.  Every time he wants to get something and if he doesn’t get it, he will cry and lay facing the floor.  I used to bath him inside the basin.  In that way I can bath him easily.  Been doing it for a year and in that year I used four different sizes of basin.  The nephew is getting bigger I must say.  Now that he is one year old, I am trying to train him to take a bath off his favorite basin.  Been trying several times already and it is not yet successful.  I am doing my hardest though.

The nephew is the kind of kid that will hold his breath if he does not get what he wants.  And that makes me so scared.  Though I am used to it, still I don’t take a risk because I do not want something bad happens to the nephew.  Since he loves to take a bath inside the basin, I will just stay at that way.  But from time to time, I try him not to be in the basin till he gets used to it. whew!


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One Response to “Loves to be inside the basin”

  1. Pinx says:

    si baby Job gen, sa planggana gihapon moligo, on top of the dining table. mahadlok man sya didto sa banyo gud… hehehe.. tried once pero naglisod ko. hehehe… so like you, planggana pa gihapon sya.